Curriculum Vitae

Born in Dresden, Germany on the 5th of December 1963
Swiss, German and Montenegrinian nationality


.05.2010 - todayProgramer at the Language-Center of the University Zürich
.02.2010 - .04.2010Developer and consultant with Business Solution Group - Technology Innovation, Zürich.
(HCI) Consulting for Information-Processes, iPhone-App Design
.10.2009 - .03.2018PhD Research Candidate at the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, under Prof. Roy Ascott
awarded doctoral degree on 7th of March 2018
.01.2003 – .08.2009Assistant Professor at the faculty of New Media of the University of Art Zürich
Lectures in the domains of programming, social interaction and representation of space.
Responsible for the technology, expositions and the organisation of diplomas
2007 - 2009Programming and Development of the Fluid Archive as a part of Urban Node Project at Matese by Napoli, Italia
2005 - 2012co-founder of Space++
.03.2005 - .06.2006Projekt FA-Opics Interface at Credit Suisse, CH.
An interface between two major derivate broker systems in C++
Autumn 2003co-organisation of the Metaworx event, that displayed in various towns in Switzerland
Summer 2003co-organisation of the Exposition of SNM at the Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
12.2000 – 12.2002Graphical Design Driector and Front Pear Programmer at TreasuryNet Projekt at Credit Suisse, CH
a highly flexible e-commerce Project, that allowes ceveral solutions based on the same core modul, using different interfaces
2001ID-Design Gold Award for the ETH-World project
.07.2000 – .12.2000LABFAC, Paris, Frankreich
urban planning for the Area of Birketweg, München
mixture of residential area, multi-story business and commercial buildings on a former rail-track area
.07.2000 & .09.2000cetkovic drexler guinand jauslin leumenns, Zürich, CH.
International idea-competition for a virtual university ETH Zürich, ETH – World , 2. prize
.05.2000 – .06.2000drexler guinand jauslin architekten, Zürich, CH.
competition for a school in Volkertswil
.02.2000 – .04.2000Morphing Systems, Zürich, CH.
Competition for an Opera, Oslo, Details for exposition salons on Expo .02
.08.1999 - .01.2000Project Zürich-Noth and Glattal-City Guide as an accademic collaborator at the chair of Prof. Campi. ETH Zürich
A research project that mapped and analyzed the area between the city Zürich and the Airport Kloten from social, political, urban, geographical, traffic and economical aspect. Results were a database of 7’000 pictures and hundreds of analytical maps that were partialy published in the book Glattal-City Guide.
.05.1999 – .07.1999Lüscher Bucher Theiler Architekten - Luzern, CH.
Details, perspectives for a competition and feasibility study for a house
1993 - 1999Matthias Zimmermann Informatik & OR, Brugg, CH.
two projects in Intranet, database connection, meta-databases and Web programming
1997 - 1998Chair of Mario Campi, auxiliary assistant
Publication Layout: Diplomas St. Moritz SS97
1995Royer + Leconte Architects, St. Brieuc France
Competitions for retirement homes, multi-functional halls and execution of a school renovation
1991-1992Watkins & Ass. Zürich, CH
Programming developer on dynamic Interfaces and database connections



2018The (not so) Intelligent House: User Perception in an Interactive Architectural Environment
University of Plymouth, UK. Supervisor Prof. Roy Ascott
awarded doctoral degree on 7th of March 2018


1998Final year project Theatre in Basel, Prof. Campi
awarded diploma in architecture on 10th of July 1998
1992 –1998Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, (ETH Zürich)
Faculty of Architecture
Projects with Prof. Kramel, Prof. Spieker, Prof. Schett, Prof. Kollhoff, Prof. Campi and visiting professors Merkli and Markovic


1990Diploma Thesis, Enhancement of the Smart Game Board as a Hypertext Medium, Prof. Nievergelt
awarded diploma as computer science engineer on 13th of December 1990
1989practical training, Rentenanstalt, Zürich
1986 & 1988practical training, Olsen & Associates, Zürich
1983 - 1990Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, (ETH Zürich) Faculty of Computer Science



1979 - 1983Gymnasium Zürich Switzerland
1978 - 1979Gymnasium Herceg-Novi Yugoslavia
1976 - 1978Primary School Herceg-Novi Yugoslavia
1971 - 1976Primary School London Great Britain
1969 - 1971Primary School Herceg-Novi, Yugoslavia


ArchiTrion, MiniCad, FormZ, AUTOCAD, ArchiCAD, Microstation, Photoshop, QuarkXpress,


C++, Java, ActionScript, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C, Modula-2, Processing, SMIL, VRML, XSLT and SQL


Serbo-Croatnative language
Germanlevel native language; since 1979 in Switzerland
Englishlevel native language; 1971-1976 London, 2010-2018 PhD Research University of Plymouth
Frenchfluent in spoken and written; level C1 according to CEFR; 1995 St. Brieuc, 2000 Paris
Spanishspoken and written knowledge; level B1 according to CEFR