collection of works
.07.2007Feasability study and estimate of costs for an apartment-building in Volketswil
.08.2006 – 09.2008Matese, Italy
Programming and Development of the Fluid Archive as a part of Urban Node Project at Matese. The Plattform is an exchange medium for people who have left the Matese Region and is supposed to help the region to communicate better with each other.
.07 – 10.2000LABFAC, Paris, France
Urban planning for the Area of Birketweg, München. Mixture of residential area, multi-story business and commercial buildings on a former rail-track area
.06.2000 + .09.2000cetkovic drexler guinand jauslin leumenns, Zürich, Switzerland
International idea-competition for a virtual univercity ETH Zürich, ETH – World , 2. prize and ID-Design Gold Award 2001
.05.2000dgj architekten, Zürich, Switzerland,
competition for a school in Volkertswil
.02 – 04.2000Morphing Systems, Zürich, Switzerland
Competition for an Opera, Oslo, Details for exposition salons on Expo .02
.08.1999 – 05.2000Project Zürich-North and Glattal-City Guide as a assistant at the chair of Prof. Campi. A research project that mapped and analyzed the area between the city Zürich and the Airport Kloten from social, political, urban, geographical, traffic and economical aspect. Results were a database of 7’000 pictures and hundreds of analytical maps that were partialy published in the book Glattal-City Guide.
.05 – 07.1999Lüscher Bucher Theiler Architekten, Luzern, Switzerland
Details, perspectives for a competition and feasibility study for a house
.1997 – 1998Chair of Prof. M. Campi, Architecture, auxiliary assistant
Publication Layout: Diplomas St. Moritz SS97
.1995Praktikum, Royer + Leconte, Architectes, St. Brieuc, Frankreich
Competitions for retirement homes, multi-functional halls and execution of a school renovation