collection of projects
.05.2010 - todayProgramer at the Language-Center of the University Zürich
.02.2010 - .04.2010Developer and consultant with Business Solution Group - Technology Innovation, Zürich.
(HCI) Consulting for Information-Processes, iPhone-App Design
.01.2003 - .08.2009Assistant Professor at the faculty of New Media of the University of Art Zürich Lectures in the domains of programming, information architecture, project management, social interaction and representation of space. Responsible for the technology and the organisation of diploma
.08.2006 – 09.2008Programming and Development of the Fluid Archives as a part of Urban Node Project at Matese near Napels, Italy
.03.2005 - .06.2006Project FA-Opics Interface at Credit Suisse.
A interface between Front Arena and Opics derivate broker. Reads and filters messages from the Arena Message Broker and interpets these as SQL statements in the OPICS databese. The interface is written in C++.
.11.2000- 12.2002Graphical Design Driector and Front Pear Programmer at TreasuryNet Projekt at Credit Suisse, CH
a highly flexible e-commerce Project, that allowes ceveral solutions based on the same core modul, using different interfaces. The middle pear solution is done using Java, whrere the informatin is gathered from the database and prepared in XML. The XML is transformed using XSLT to produce different flavors of HTML.
.06.2000 - .09.2000cetkovic drexler guinand jauslin leumenns, Zürich, Switzerland
idea-comptetition for a virtual university for ETH Zürich, ETH – World, 2. place and ID-Design Gold Award 2001
.08.1998 – 05.1999Mathiass Zimmermann Informatik & OR, Brugg, CH.
two projects in Intranet, database connection and Web programming
.1992 – 1998Mathiass Zimmermann Informatik & OR, Brugg, CH.
programming of a middle pear and an interface to a meta-database in C++
.1990 – 1992Watkins & Ass. Zürich, CH
Programming developer on dynamic Interfaces and database connections. Development of an interface in C.
.1989Rentenanstalt, Zürich
Development of an interface to an expert system (Key) using C++
.1986 - .1988Olsen & Associates, Zürich
Programming of a configuration system for a stable operating system used for computation of futures. Programming language was Modula-2


Java, C, C++, PHP, Python, XSL-XML-FOP, HTML, CSS, SMIL, VRML , Flash, Flex MySQL, DB2, Oracle