Skills & Qualifications

Teaching experience at the faculty of New Media (VMK) at ZHdK in following subjects:

Creating Space / Time

Instalative semester projects around the theme of space and time. Individual mentoring with a collective presentation of the results. As input for the project different lectures are presented: The change of perspective perception through history, Architecture - Power- Urbanism, Sculptures in morden Art. Also city excursions are organised guided by different experts (audio-arist, geographer, ecologist and architect), to allow different view of the city.


Visualisation of large quantities of data. Concepts and difficulties of presenting such data; navigation through information spaces and their organisation.

Social Interaction

Impact of new technologies on the society, starting with printing machine up to new media. Students are introduced with new technologies like locative media (mobile phones, GPS, Bluetooth), robotics, artificial intelligence and even nanotechnologies, projects using these technologies and are confronted with articles where the social impact is discussed. The aim is to sensitize the students on the influences of new technologies on society.

Urban Media

Analysis of the digitalized urban landscape. Technologies such as urban screens, mobile phones, GPS, Bluetooth are discussed. Workshops using the different technologies are used to give a feel for their capabilites and their restrictions. The aim is to allow students to develop their own projects using these technologies.

3D Modeling

Introduction to applications like FormZ, that allow presentation of virtual 3-D spaces.

Programming for artists

A hands-on course in the basic concepts of programming with the Python programming language. The lectures are held in small exercises that allow the students to have a sense of achievement. At the same time they are not the tipical programming exercises that are found in typical technological studies but are made atractive to intrige the experimental and playfull aproach to the programming study.

Publishing on the Net

Basics of Web-Publishing. Basics in HTML, CSS and XML are tought. The aim is to allow students to create their own web-sites and to be able to discover themselves how to solve their editing problems. One of the more important lectures, as the students often tend to use this knowledge to pay for their studies.

Project Management

Tools and concepts of project management in computer science. Based on a hands-on programming project the students get to know the different tools.

Mentoring of semester projects and final year projects

Individual and intensive suppervision of student projects.

Administrative Responsibilities

Coordinator of contents of technology teaching

I coordinate the technology lessons and assure interconnecting build-up of lessons.

Coordinator of technology semester projects

Through personal interviews with students we try to define projects using a wide range of technologies, which are then mentored by different experts of the faculty.

Organisation of the Diploma

I coordinate the organisation of the diploma and the degree exhibition: Designate dates, determining factors for the projects, loan of technology and furniture, exhibiton curator and organisation of the assembly and dismantling of the exhibiton.

Organisation of the annual exhibition

Coordination of the organisation of the annual exhibition of the different fine arts faculties.

Function as member of the diplom-jury and admission-jury.

Coordinator of several exhibitons like Metaworx or Shift and co-organizer of the retrospective of the faculty at the Ars Electronica.


About the Aglomeration

I worked several years at the ETH on the research project „Über die Peripherie“.

Urban Node

At the project Urban Node I was a part of the Comite Scientifico, that decided on the projects of Urban Nodes, and that defined the diferent research themes. In a two-man team we realised the project Fluid Archives. The results of the different research projects are published in the Urban Node book.


ACM – Association for Computer Machinery

Commitee E-Learning ZHdK